Once APPROVED as an instructor you will be issued a unique username and password to enter the Instructor portal.

If you have any questions, please contact our office.

CSTOP Instructors will need the following equipment & supplies:

  • Computer with DSL Web Access
  • Projector/TV Monitor
  • Connecting Cable
  • Extension Power Cord
    Name Tags, Table Tents and Markers
  • Dry Erase Board/Flip Chart and Markers
    Final Tests
    Note Paper
    Props: Tools, Safety Devices etc.
  • Copies of the CSTOP Student Handbook
  • C-Stop Course Completion Roster Forms: 'Sign in' roster and 'Email Form'
  • Your PASSWORD and INSTRUCTOR NUMBER to log into this site.
    • Be sure to cover all the material for each program taught.
    • Enter the attendee's name, attendees picture, today's date, ID number.
    • Be sure to add all data to this TEMPORARY AUTHORIZATION FORM.
    • Fax/Scan 'sign in' attendance roster with attendee signature to CSTOP immediately upon completion.
  • Digital Camera
    • Take digitial pictures and name the attendees pictures accurately for certification to be mailed to attendee, email your temporary form with digital pictures CROPPED to fit to CSTOP for certificate authorization.
  • Use props such as fall harnesses, gas monitors, actual MSDS and other methods to improve the learning experience.

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